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As an engineer, you work to find cost efficient, innovative ways to solve everyday problems for companies and individuals. Your creativity and expertise often leads to the development of new products.

If you have mechanical, electromechanical, electrical, electronic or chemical-pharmaceutical inventions to patent, you need knowledgeable, experienced legal counsel to help you protect your inventions before, during and after development.

Medical Professionals

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You have devoted your life and your career to finding new ways to improve the health and quality of life for individuals.

When you develop a new medical device or a medical procedure to advance healthcare, you need an experienced Patent Attorney to help secure your investment of time and expertise and keep you in control of the way it is used.

CEOs and Business Owners

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As CEO, upper management or business owner, you know the importance of your intellectual property. You know research and development requires valuable resources and the result of that investment needs to benefit your company.

Securing an experienced patent counsel, who is also familiar with other areas of business law, will assist you in managing and maintaining control of vital intellectual property that enhances your company's growth and improves its bottom line.

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Securing a Non-Provisional Utility Patent, or filing a Provisional Application for Patent, is a complex process and the attention to detail during these filings is imperative.

Trademarks and Service Marks

What's the difference between a Trademark and a Service Mark? How does your company, business, nonprofit or organization acquire a federal registration?


If you are an author, composer, musician or other creative, you may have questions about how to properly protect your work. Do you need a copyright? How, exactly, does it work?

Intellectual Property Law

Your company's success depends on protecting your investment in research and development. An experienced Patent Attorney will help you protect your intellectual property before, during, and after development.


If your intellectual property is threatened, you may need to litigate to retain control and you will need legal counsel experienced in patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property issues.


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