How To Expedite Foreign Patents

Will a US Patent Application Expedite Foreign Patents?

Yes, one way to expedite foreign patents is to apply for a US Patent. This approach can expedite procurement of foreign Patents in many foreign jurisdictions.

Under European Patent Office practice, the grant of a US Patent may or may not correlate with the expedited grant of its parallel European Patent.

Three General Rules for Domestic and Foreign Patents

  • The sooner the Nonprovisional Patent Application is filed, the sooner the Patent can issue
  • In most jurisdictions, the sooner the Patent issues, the less expense incurred by the Patentee
  • The sooner the Patent issues, the sooner the Patentee has enforceable patent rights, and the sooner the Patent can become a wealth-generating asset

Business Strategy to Expedite Foreign Patents (Example)

  • Regardless of the nationality of the Patent Applicant, file a Patent Application in the USPTO
  • It best for your company to originally file a Provisional, Nonprovisional or PCT Application in the USPTO — however, if the Provisional, Nonprovisional or PCT Application was first filed in another jurisdiction, a US Nonprovisional Application can be filed in the USPTO until the US statutory deadline has passed
  • If a PCT Application is not the first Application filed, a PCT Application claiming priority to a Provisional or Nonprovisional Application is filed in a PCT Receiving Office (preferably, the USPTO Receiving Office)
  • File a US Nonprovisional Patent Application shortly after the PCT Application was filed, rather than waiting until near the deadline allowed by the PCT
  • By using this procedure, it is possible for your company to receive the grant of the US Patent before parallel Applications filed in other jurisdictions are examined
  • As previously indicated, the grant of a US Patent can expedite the grant of parallel Patents in many foreign jurisdictions

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