The Golden Rule

I strive to treat others as I would like them to treat me.


Business Patent Law, PLLC endeavors to simplify complex intellectual property matters.

Up-to-Date Methods

Business Patent Law, PLLC utilizes state-of-the-art technology to maximize service and value for all clients.

Full Capability

With today’s technology, a small firm can accomplish more than a much larger firm could just a few years ago. Services are often delivered more quickly than with larger firms, and with more personalized communication.

Synergistic Approach

I prefer to work closely with management, engineering departments, entrepreneurs, inventors and business owners by incorporating their instructions and goals into a comprehensive intellectual property strategy. Business Patent Law, PLLC functions at its best when it synergistically represents creative clients.

Low Overhead

Without the overhead of intellectual property firms located in larger metropolitan areas, Business Patent Law, PLLC can pass along considerable savings to those utilizing our services.

Accurate Cost Estimates

Due to years of experience in intellectual property matters before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Business Patent Law, PLLC is able to closely estimate professional charges to be attributed to each particular matter before the USPTO, prior to performing professional services.

Monthly Mailers™

Business Patent Law, PLLC clients receive a digital Monthly Mailer™ from focusing on a current intellectual property issue, to educate and help keep you informed.