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Provisional Patent Applications?

Provisional Patent Applications: The road to securing your patent rights

Business owners, investors and bankers consider national and foreign Patents and the goods and services associated with those Patents to be both intangible and tangible assets. Provisional Patent Applications are viable options for augmenting a company’s intellectual property portfolio.

Potential Patenting Pitfalls

There is a road you must travel  from inventor’s inspiration to the successful marketing and sales of the patented product, system, method, etc. That road must have well engineered bridges to successfully navigate the ravines that can otherwise destroy market share and Patent rights.

For example, the 2011 America Invents Acts includes a “limited grace” period to file a Patent Application – provided the conditions of 35 United States Code 102(b) can be fulfilled. However, is it prudent to rely on 35 United States Code 102(b), when an inadvertent public use of the invention can forfeit both national and international Patent rights for the invention that was inadvertently disclosed?

Provisional Patent Applications

Subsequent to the 2011 America Invents Act, the sensible business owner or CEO should consider filing Provisional Patent Applications to preserve future Patent rights.  Broad scope Provisional Patent Applications:

Provisional Applications Are Not The Only Solution

Changes happen slowly for some inventive segments of the global economy. For such inventions, the marginal costs of filing a Provisional Patent Application before filing the Nonprovisional Patent Application may not be warranted. However, if management has any doubt, it is wise to file the Provisional Application and be “safe” rather “sorry!”

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