Intellectual property consists of Patents (Title 35 United States Code), Trademarks & Service Marks (Title 15 United States Code) and Copyrights (Title 17 United States Code).

The law of the United States provides ways for individuals, businesses or companies to protect their creative ideas by using specifically proscribed procedures. Establishment of enforceable intellectual property rights requires compliance with procedures established by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or the Registrar of Copyrights.

What Intellectual Property Rights Do I Need?

Business Patent Law, PLLC generally recommends that it is best to secure as many intellectual property rights (Patents, Trademarks/Service Marks, Copyrights) as allowed by law. If litigation is ever mandated, the more intellectual property rights you own, the more authority you, as the creative owner, can assert in a court of law.

What Do Intellectual Property Registrations Protect?

  • Patents are directed toward “inventions.”
  • Trademarks & Service Marks used in interstate or international commerce are associated respectively with “goods” or “services.”
  • Copyrights affix to “original works of authorship.”

Intellectual Property Registration Costs

As a general rule, Patents are the most expensive to procure, Copyrights the least expensive and Trademarks/Service Marks fall somewhere in between. Be aware that many of the expenses and costs related to obtaining intellectual property rights are directly related to the creative property owner’s business approach.

Do I Need a Patent Attorney?

The art of drafting patent applications is developed over time. A skilled Patent Attorney stays informed of the many nuances required to secure a broad scope of Patent and other intellectual property rights.

How Much Will Your Legal Services Cost?

Before rendering service, and after reviewing your intellectual property matters, Business Patent Law, PLLC can provide an estimate of your anticipated costs in United States Dollars (US$ or USD).

Want To Learn More?

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